What is BioResponse DIM®?

bottle of BioResponse DIM 75BioResponse DIM® is the only DIM formulation supported by numerous  published clinical studies.  DIM requires microencapsulation for any meaningful absorption. Proof by scientific studies and the only brand medical practitioners can trust.

  • DIM stands for 3,3’-Diindolylmethane, the indole found originally  in cruciferous vegetables.
  • DIM supports beneficial estrogen metabolism in both women and men.  This estrogen metabolism is more favorable because it increases conversion of estrogen to 2-hydroxy and 2-methoxy metabolites.
  • Numerous placebo-controlled clinical trials using microencapsulated BioResponse DIM (BR-DIM) have documented an increase in the 2-hydroxy/16-hydroxy estrone ratio, an important indicator of healthy estrogen metabolism.  BioResponse, LLC, produces the only formulation of DIM shown in clinical studies to induce a statistically significant increase in 2-hydroxy estrogen production and an upward shift in the 2/16 estrogen ratio.
  • Men and women use BioResponse DIM as an integral part of hormonal balance to maintain an optimal  estrogen to testosterone balance.

Prominent researchers have documented that this balance of estrogen metabolites is an important factor in achieving and maintaining hormonal health.  Women and men also use BioResponse DIM as an integral part of  breast health, prostate health and successful weight management programs.

In its pure, crystalline state, DIM is inadequately absorbed by the human body.  BioResponse DIM is the only microencapsulated formulation of DIM with proven absorption and activity demonstrated in independently performed clinical studies.  BioResponse’s proprietary formulation contains microencapsulated complexes of diindolylmethane.

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