BioResponse Diindolylmethane Complex

BR-DIM® SF Complex

BR-DIM® SF utilizes BioResponse’s  proprietary microencapsulation technology, also known as Phytosorb®.   This microencapsulation process significantly improves the absorption of Diindolylmethane (DIM) to assure predictable absorption and sustained release of DIM.  DIM is notoriously difficult to absorb and highly insoluble in water and oil.  The Phytosorb® technology is the only process proven in clinical studies to enhance DIM absorption.

bar graph showing better absorption of BioResponse DIMline graph showing better absorption of BioResponse DIM

These summary charts  show the  results of a comparison study of  DIM absorption from microencapsulated DIM versus generic, crystalline  DIM.  A group of male and female volunteers demonstrated the clear advantage from BioResponse DIM (BR-DIM) over  generic crystalline DIM using repeat blood sampling.

The same individuals took the equal mg doses of DIM from BR-DIM or generic DIM on separate days and provided timed blood samples over 6 hours. The results to the left demonstrate a statistically significant, greater gastro-intestinal absorption of DIM from microencapsulated, BR-DIM over generic DIM. The chart above shows the dramatically increased, averaged DIM blood levels from BR-DIM versus generic DIM.  BR-DIM is the only DIM formulation that provides established, enhanced DIM absorption from supplements.

Over 15 published studies have used BioResponse DIM (BR-DIM) and demonstrated bioavailability, safety, and tolerability.  BR-DIM® provides an important formulation advantage which overcomes the lack of absorption of generic crystalline DIM. Based on this advantage and being the originator of bioavailable DIM, BioResponse has been awarded numerous US and International patents for new uses of DIM for health promotion and healthy aging in men and women.


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